Lost in Time

May 1, 2016



Estoy de vuelta! No sé por cuánto tiempo, pero por ahora, planeo quedarme por más tiempo en la blogosfera. La primavera ya está también aquí! Los días se alargan y finalmente están llenos de sol y calor. Quien no estaba esperando por esto? Continue Reading…

hello from the other side

November 24, 2015


It’s been almost a year since I post a completely black outfit on my blog. And the last week I didn’t even feel like I want to post something on social media, take photos or think about fashion. Continue Reading…

Summer All Year Long

November 12, 2015

¡Hola chicos!

¡Hoy tengo para vosotros un post muy especial! No solo os enseñaré dos vestidos perfectos para el verano sino que también os llevaré al restaurante bonito y moderno. ¿Preparados? Vamos! Continue Reading…

In Anticipation Of Autumn

October 28, 2015



Hi guys! How is it going? Only two days left for the weekend! The time passes so fast and to some of the cities in Spain the autumn has already arrived. In Barcelona you can already see her presence! Slowly I will have to start switching out seasonal clothing, but before I put away my summer goodies, I want to show you my favourite dress of this summer 😉 Continue Reading…

Livin la Utopia loca!

August 28, 2015



Welcome to my ranch! 
This photo shoot was probably one of the funniest one I ever had.  I had a wish to have photos with a horse, but I didn’t expect I will have to learn how to ride a horse wearing wedges. And the moment when you feel proud of yourself, thinking you got the horse under control and finally you see the tail of the horse up and  hear people laughing…I even didn’t want to see what was going on there, I could smell it in the air…
Continue Reading…

Natural Simplicity

June 25, 2015



Does anyone still remember Josu? If not, today’s post will help you to refresh your memory, because it was with him, with whom I’ve started to make the first pictures for my blog. Continue Reading…

Cabo Home

June 22, 2015



Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing you one of my favourite place in Galicia. During the week, there is barely anyone here so it was a great opportunity to take photos for my new post. Welcome to Cabo Home! Continue Reading…

“V” like Vintage

March 12, 2015




Two weeks ago I went for the first time to watch a football match in a beautiful Galician city La  Coruña.  The match was very late so before we decided to make a tour around the city, or rather shopping tour… Continue Reading…