“V” like Vintage

March 12, 2015




Two weeks ago I went for the first time to watch a football match in a beautiful Galician city La  Coruña.  The match was very late so before we decided to make a tour around the city, or rather shopping tour… Continue Reading…

piece of yellow

March 2, 2015



More nineteen days to official spring! I don’t know how is the weather  like where you live, but in Galicia is almost all the time raining. Since two weeks there was maybe only one day without rain? Together with Maria we use that moment to take some photos with the yellow skirt which I wanted to show you already long time ago. Hope you enjoy it! Continue Reading…

long sleeve floral dress

November 10, 2014



Hello everyone!

Today I wanna share with you the effects of  the fastest photo shoot I had. You may not believe, but in less than 30 min we completed the photo shoot 😉 I think it was our record and I’m really happy with the results.

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The Last Day Of Sunshine

November 6, 2014



I have to be honest with you. I was considering if I should really post those photos now or maybe better in Summer, because I know what probably you’re thinking looking at my new posted pictures. “November, rain, cold and she is posting photos from the beach wearing summer dress”.  Well, it is not what you think 😛 It’s not me who is mean, is the Galician weather! Last week it was still nice and warm and now I can’t believe what I am seeing out of my window!

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Navy Strap Polka Dot Slim Dress

October 12, 2014



When for the first time I saw this dress on Sheinside, I think I got too excited imagining myself wearing that dress on, that accidentally I ordered two! After three weeks I finally received my piquet and…Those two equal dresses, were not the only thing I was surprised ( or rather disappointed) with.

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September 29, 2014




This was probably one of the funniest photo-shoot I ever had! Together with my photographer Josu, we have decided to shoot photos in a small park near by our town. It was very hot day, so I put my breezy dress on, delicate makeup, some gold accessories and I was ready to go!
By the end of the photo shoot I had a wish to have also photo on the stone. I took off my high heel shoes and I clambered on the big, slippery, wet stone. With courage, cunning, and superior tactics, we managed to take two photos! Why “so many”?
I got so much confidence that I forgot completely where I was sitting on…

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September 24, 2014


I adore dresses and I love how they make me feel feminine. I would never exchange them for any boyfriend jeans or sneakers. I really wish women would wear dresses more often than only occasionally. They are not only outrageously comfortable (especially in the summer) but, wearing the right dress, we can hide our wobbly bits! I have to admit- since I gained weight, the dress become one of my best friend and the trousers? Probably been eaten by the moths 🙂 Continue Reading…